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(BASCA) Bahrain Specialty Coffee Academy is the training arm of Tasneem company offering an academic coffee courses in different levels including workshops, activities and events.


If you are planning for a new coffee shop project, a café bar, roasting facility or developing the existing business we can assist you in the study of the concept, the design of the floor plan layout, interior design, products and equipment selection, workflow and operations development and implementation.


At our academy we also develop and set standards for hot and cold beverages for coffee shops, restaurants and hotels and build the operational management system.

We can build the menu, analyze prices and supplier’s offers, train staff and improve the quality of your products.


We are representing some famous brands of machinery and accessories which we can recommend to you the best that suites your concept, budget and operations. Among these brands: Cimbali, Faema, Casadio, Slayer espresso machines and grinders, Isa r.s.l for all refrigeration needs, beside others.


We are also the authorized representatives of OPP Coffee Roasters in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Qatar markets. We recommend the OPP roasters; they are built to high standards and can accept both Cropster and Artisan software

  • Opp is made in Vietnam in compliance with German quality standards
  • Utilize modern and advanced technology and equipment for production
  • Automatic systems were produced with a combination of Vietnamese’s intelligence, creativity and diligence to generate products complied with international standards
  • A user friendly with range of capacity from sampling roaster, 1kg to a larger capacity and destoners, feeders and afterburners.

We also have the following equipment for roaster shops:

  • Color sorter machine
  • Coffee beans bag filling machine
  • Coffee powder filling machine
  • Vacuum sealer machine
  • Coffee bags continuous band sealing machine
  • Coffee bags label printers
  • Coffee bags label applicators

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Basca Set up

What we do in basca?

Founder of BASCA

Mr. Ak. Milad

Founder of Basca, Mr. Ak. Milad, is a concept developer and consultant designer for F&B projects with more than 30 years experience.

Founder of Basca completed espresso diploma at Caffe Cagliari Coffee School, Modena/Italy, 2011.

Later in 2021 and 2022 he completed the following SCA courses with certificates:

  • Barista Skills Foundation
  • Barista Skills Intermediate
  • Sensory Skills Foundation
  • Sensory Skills Intermediate
  • Brewing Skills Foundation
  • Brewing Skills Intermediate
  • Including many workshops and cupping sessions .

Mr. Milad had participated in and attended many events, workshops, conferences, competitions, exhibitions related to F&B and coffee in Bahrain, Gulf region and Europe and have done some studies in this field, he is member of SCA and member of Bahrain Small & Medium Enterprises Society and founder of Bahrain Young Entrepreneur Association.

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