Academic Programs

Coffee education

We offer SCA certificates after completion of SCA coffee education programs and exams conducted by AST trainers at our Premier Training Campus. We also conduct training courses with certificate of completion for Barista skills and Coffee preparation.

(BASCA) Academy has been accredited by The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) in 2020 as one of its Premiere Training Campuses, with this license BASCA is authorized to conduct all the following academic programs of the (SCA) and grants it’s internationally accredited certificates given by (AST Trainers) an authorized SCA trainers:

  • Barista Skills and Brewing
  • Sensory Skills
  • Coffee Roasting
  • Green Coffee
  • Coffee Grading (Q)

(Basca) Academy is accredited by SCA for the following programs:

for Barista Skills & Brewing programs

for Roasting programs

for Sensory Skills, Green Coffee & Q Programs

The Coffee Skills Program consists of six modules, available at three levels, with points earned at every stage. Achieving 100 points within the Coffee Skills Program makes you eligible to be awarded the SCA Coffee Skills Diploma.

Please note, only points earned from Coffee Skills Program courses can be applied to the 100 points required for the Coffee Skills Diploma.

Coffee roasting Courses

SCA roasting foundation and more advanced courses such as SCA intermediate and professional coffee roasting. Courses conducted by SCA AST trainers.

Coffee roasting set up

Join us on a journey to elevate your coffee skills

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned barista. Experience the vibrant world of coffee education and ignite your passion for the bean at the Bahrain Coffee Academy.